The Chairman aka Ben Kruger. Ben has a forestry background, and has a love for woodwork for many years. He has perfected the technique of bending Blackwood to his will, and make it form in the way he needs! Many have tried! Only a few have succeeded to manufacture a quality product worthy of an art gallery!

Manufacturing starts with very careful planning. Selection is key, and a trained eye to know what to cut down, and what to leave for later! We only use "alien" tree species to play our part for conservation. And yes there are closely guarded company trade secrets that only two people know, one is "The Chairman" and the other is not you:-)

We use our local workforce in George Garden Route to help us harvest our material and prepare them for production. Envisioning proportions of a chair is like an artist standing in front of a blank canvas. Ben needs to see each chair before he starts manipulating and bending the lats into submission! Its the combination of technique, artistic intuition and craftsmanship that produces one of the most unique chairs you will ever own! Our chairs are made with great passion, and we sell a little piece of "The Chairman" with every order.

Only once you own a Chairman chair can you fully understand and appreciate the skill and work that goes into making this unique furniture. Not one chair is alike, every chair has that something special about it, its own unique signature.

To quote "The Chairman" - " I do not discard imperfections when selecting my material, its the imperfections that make the furniture perfect"

“Ronel” Dining Chair

We are happy to announce a new product line called the “Ronel” Dining Chair. This piece really reflects Ronel’s Artistic personality and her love for unique and different things.
This line is made especially just for her! We believe anyone that will be sitting on our new chair will enjoy the same joy it gives Ronel!

Name: “BEN” a Traditional Chair (The Chairman’s signature Chair)

Dimensions: 540cm (seat height) x 700cm (w) x 1.2m (back)

This is The Chairman's original chair design. The chair is called "BEN" after the founder of The Chairman.

All of our furniture are shipped, finished with an initial coating of wood preservative. Expect some variations in color wash, these can be done to your specifications.

Name: “MICHELLE” a Romantic Settee Bench

Dimensions: 540cm (seat hight) x 1.2m (w) x 1.2m (back)

True to form, Michelle is a romantic. We captured this in our design of the settee. Perfect for that special corner on your deck or in your garden.

This piece is shipped, finished with an initial coating of aloe preservative, 100% natural. Other finishes can be ordered to your requirements.

Name: “JAKES” a Relaxing Rocker Chair

Dimensions: 540cm (seat hight) x 700cm (w) x 1.2m (back)

This chair is for the philosopher in you. Perfect to sit, relax and let your thoughts go! This chair also comes with a WARNING! Once seated, you will experience difficulty standing up. Side effects are: laziness, sleepy and drowsiness and may result in a complete sleep like state for hours.

This chair has a teak finish, and can be ordered in different colors.

Name: “KITTY” a Bespoke Coffee Table

Dimensions: 450cm (h) x 700cm (w) x 700cm (l)

We named this piece after The Chairman's wife. Her second name should be hospitality! She is always ready with coffee or a piece of cake. We dedicate this piece to her serving nature.

This table has a teak finish. This piece can be ordered in various sizes and colors.

Name: “HENNO” a Bar Stool

Dimensions: 700cm (L) x 350cm (R)

We named this stool after Henno, a pleasant guy to be around. His casual and social personality is captured in our bar stool. He is always ready to help, and truly goes the extra mile!

This stool has a teak finish, and a round sitting base. Different sizes and colors can be ordered.

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